Muğla, city, southwestern Turkey. It is situated on the edge of a little plain around 12 miles (20 km) north of the Gulf of Gökova.

A most loved home of the emirs of the fourteenth century Turkmen Menteşe realm, it was added to the Ottoman Empire in 1425. It is a neighborhood advertise for the farming results of the area and is connected by street with Izmir and Denizli. The encompassing district verges on the Aegean and Mediterranean oceans. The coast is very sporadic, with profoundly infiltrating inlets and sounds sponsored by the mountains. Sprinkled among the slopes and mountains are vigorously developed little, encased bowls. The atmosphere is Mediterranean, with substantial winter precipitation. Citrus organic products are developed on the seaside strip and oats, cotton, and tobacco in the hinterland; vines are developed in the ripe bowl beneath Muğla. Lying in the locale of old Caria, the territory is wealthy in verifiable destinations. The related harbor towns of Bodrum (antiquated Halicarnassus), Marmaris, and Fethiye are the focal point of a developing traveler exchange. Pop. (2000) 43,845; (2013 est.) 64,706.

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