Hanoi, likewise spelled Ha Noi, city, capital of Vietnam. The city is arranged in northern Vietnam on the western bank of the Red River, around 85 miles (140 km) inland from the South China Sea. Notwithstanding being the national capital, Hanoi is additionally a territory level region (thanh pho), regulated by the focal government. Territory mun., 1,205 square miles (3,120 square km). Pop. (1999) city, 1,523,936; mun., 5,053,654; (2009) city, 2,316,722; mun., 6,451,909; (2014 est.) city, 3,292,000.

The locale around present-day Hanoi was settled in ancient occasions, and the area was regularly picked as a political focus by Chinese vanquishers. In 1010 Ly Thai To, the main leader of the Ly line (1009–1225) of Vietnam, picked the site of Hanoi—at that point called Thang Long (“Rising Dragon”)— for his capital. Thang Long remained the principle capital of Vietnam until 1802, when the last Vietnamese tradition, the Nguyen (1802–1945), moved the capital south to Hue. The city every so often was renamed for timeframes, and one of these names, Dong Kinh, given to it during the Later Le line (1428–1787), ended up undermined by Europeans to Tonquin. During the French frontier time frame (1883–1945) the name Tonkin was utilized to allude to the whole district. In 1831 the city was renamed Ha Noi (“Between Two Rivers”) by the Nguyen line.

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