Epcot, in full Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, previously called Epcot Center (1982–94), amusement park in the Walt Disney World Resort, close Orlando, Fla., that highlights numerous attractions focused on the headway of innovation.

As Walt Disney at first envisioned it, Epcot was to be an independent city that would join the most up to date innovations. Following Disney’s passing in 1966, be that as it may, plans for Epcot were downsized extensively; it was worked as an amusement park rather, including modern rides and attractions. It opened in October 1982 and quickly ended up one of Disney World’s fundamental attractions. Epcot’s cynosure is Spaceship Earth—a 180-foot-(55-meter-) tall geosphere with a particular veneer of pyramid-molded tiles—which encases a ride that aides guests through an introduction of the advancement of human correspondence. The recreation center’s two primary regions are Future World and World Showcase. By the turn of the 21st century, Epcot pulled in excess of 10 million guests every year.

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