Doha, Arabic Al-Dawḥah, city, capital of Qatar, situated on the east bank of the Qatar Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. More than two-fifths of Qatar’s populace lives inside as far as possible. Arranged on a shallow straight indented around 3 miles (5 km), Doha has for quite some time been a locally significant port. On account of seaward coral reefs and shallow waters, it took care of just little vessels until the fulfillment of its deepwater port during the 1970s.

The first quarter of the city, Al-Bidaʿ, Bida in mariner’s speech, is at the northwest; it was presumably established by individuals from the Sudan clan who emigrated from the sheikhdom of Abu Dhabi. Long a focal point of privateer movement in the Persian Gulf, Doha, at that point a little town, was crushed in 1867 in the war between Bahrain (which was supported by Abu Dhabi) and Qatar. In the next year the British government introduced Muḥammad ibn Thānī Āl Thānī, sheik of Doha, as the head leader of Qatar. He consented to keep the particulars of the Perpetual Maritime Truce of 1853, and theft was significantly diminished. In the late nineteenth century the Ottoman Empire, as suzerain of a significant part of the Arabian Peninsula, sporadically kept up a battalion at Doha. After Qatar turned into a British ensured state in 1916, a British political office was kept up in the town. In late 1971 Doha turned into the capital of recently autonomous Qatar.

Long a tired pearling and angling town, Doha had around 350 pearling pontoons toward the start of the twentieth century. The advancement of Japanese refined pearls and the worldwide financial downturn of the 1930s seriously influenced the town. The advancement of Qatar’s impressive oil holds after World War II, in any case, prompted a total monetary change. Qatar turned into a very prosperous nation with a high for each capita salary and embraced the intensive modernization of its capital. Old ghetto segments were flattened, and current business and private quarters were fabricated. Doha’s water supply is gotten by refining seawater. The deepwater port obliges oceangoing vessels. The Qatar National Fishing Company, utilizing present day mechanized specialty, is headquartered at the port, where a cutting edge shrimp-pressing plant likewise has been assembled.

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