Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona, city, seaport, and capital of Barcelona provincia (area) and of Catalonia comunidad autónoma (self-ruling network), northeastern Spain, found 90 miles (150 km) south of the French outskirt. It is Spain’s significant Mediterranean port and business focus and is renowned for its uniqueness, social intrigue, and physical excellence. On his visit to the city in […]

Sofia (Bulgaria)

Sofia, Bulgarian Sofiya, capital of Bulgaria. It is arranged close to the land focus of the Balkans area, in the Sofia Basin, a troughlike valley in the western piece of the nation. The Serdi (Sardi), a Thracian clan, built up a settlement in the area in the eighth century BCE. This people group was vanquished […]

Artvin (Turkey)

Artvin, city, northeastern Turkey. It is situated on the Çoruh River close to the fringe with Georgia. Together with the neighboring locale of Kars, Artvin was surrendered to Russia at the finish of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78. It was come back to Turkey by a settlement among Turkey and Soviet Russia marked at Brest-Litovsk […]

Krabi (Thailand)

Krabi, port town, southwestern Thailand. Krabi is arranged on the Strait of Malacca on the Andaman Sea and is a takeoff point for angling and for movement to close-by islands. The encompassing locale is broadly planted in coconuts. Most settlements are waterfront angling towns, and shell reefs, shorelines, professional flowerbeds, underground streams, and surrenders are […]

Jeju Island (South Korea)

Cheju Island, additionally called Quelpart Island, Korean in full Cheju-t’ŭkpyŏlchach’i-do or Jeju-teukbyeoljachi-do, island and (since 2006) exceptional self-governing territory of South Korea. The region, the littlest of the republic, is in the East China Sea 60 miles (100 km) southwest of South Chŏlla area, of which it used to be a section. The commonplace capital […]

Kiev (Ukraine)

Kiev, Ukrainian Kyiv, likewise spelled Kyyiv, Russian Kiyev, boss city and capital of Ukraine. A port on the Dnieper (Dnipro) River and a huge railroad intersection, it is a city with an old and glad history. As the focal point of Kievan Rus, the primary eastern Slavic state, 1,000 years back, it gained the title […]