Andorra la Vella, (Catalan: “Andorra the Old”), French Andorre la Vieille, Spanish Andorra la Vieja, town, capital of the autonomous coprincipality of Andorra. It lies close to the juncture of the Valira and the Valira del Norte streams in the thin Gran Valira valley, on the southern slants of the Pyrenees.

Andorra la Vella since a long time ago remained relatively isolated from the outside world. Its modernization started during the 1930s with the development of carriage streets, and its population expanded after World War II because of the development of the visitor business. During the 1960s and ’70s Andorra la Vella was changed from a rural town into a bustling business focus obliging customers and voyagers. Winter sports regions are close-by. On account of Andorra’s sans obligation status, the town is presently fundamentally a retail mall for merchandise imported from somewhere else in Europe and from Asia. The General Council (Andorra’s parliament) meets in Andorra la Vella. The town is associated by street to the Spanish and French wildernesses and offers in the two societies. Pop. (2004 est.) 22,035.

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